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postheadericon How to find a fuck buddy and not regret it

It’s easy to find a fuck buddy. Let me just get that out of the way. It really is easy. Thanks to the Internet, looking for a complicated search of different people with different needs has become so much easier than before. Back in the bad, old days you have to know somebody in your local area. In fact, if you’re looking for sideline action or underground sex you basically have to join a sex club. This may seem like a pretty straightforward solution, but there is one catch: to join the typical sex club you have to be in a relationship. In other words, you have to give other guys permission to bang your wife so you can get the privilege to bang somebody else’s wife. That’s how it works. It’s kind of like a weird, multilevel marketing type of set up, and if you thought multilevel marketing is obnoxious at one level or other, can you imagine applying that mindset to sex? So it really was a little bit complicated. It was really a bit off putting. Thankfully all of that is way in the past. Just as fast food chains have replaced the typical automat, mobile dating apps and adult dating websites have replaced local sex clubs.


Now a lot of guys think that it’s so easy that finding a fuck buddy is just a simple matter of 123 or ABC. I might want to hold back if you’re thinking along those lines. You have to remember that whenever you’re looking for this type of friendship, it’s still a friendship. And whenever you’re dealing with friendships there will always be an emotional component. It’s easy to get all caught up in the great benefits of having a physical relationship. I really can’t blame you for thinking along those lines.


However, you also have to look at the big picture. You also have to pay attention and remember the great context. The great context here is that there is an emotional component. If you play the game wrong, it’s very easy for things to get weird very quickly and instead of having a friend you develop an enemy. We’re not just talking about any regular enemy. We are talking about somebody who knows your hot buttons. You’re looking at somebody who might actually go through heaven and hell and really do everything to get back at you. That’s the worst kind of enemy            you want to make. So, consider yourself warned.